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Hello! As some of you already know, I'm developing a Virtual Gallery for Milwaukee's Artists and Musicians, curated + developed by yours truly using Unreal Engine 4.

I want to push the boundaries with this project, and offer a new way to experience each others' work. If you're interested in being a part of this experimental project, please fill out the form below! I will be curating the submissions to get the best examples of work from our city (and general surrounding area) ~ I'm very excited to help spread the word about Milwaukee's artists.

This will be a completely self-funded and donations based project, entirely for the sake of art and creation, to help us see our work in a new perspective. Every artist involved will have their work cited properly within the experience.  My goal for this project is to create a sense of greater community and connection in an unconventional way.  It could also be used as a database for those looking for Milwaukee based artists or musicians to support. 

The deadline to submit to this project is May 1, 2019 ~ the timeline for this project will be announced during the development phase depending on the number of works selected.

Apply below to be considered for the MKE Virtual Art + Music Gallery:: 

If you are having trouble with the form - you can also submit your work directly to the email address here: MKEVirtualGallery@gmail.com

Just be sure to include all the necessary information. 

**Tips for uploading::**

Please make sure your visual works are photographed as "straight on" as possible, with as little warping as possible, at 300 dpi. 

They will each be cropped down individually and made into 3D models. If they are warped around the edges some clipping may occur during this process.

You are allowed to enter up to 3 works, pick your absolute best examples! You will have to fill out the form more than one time if you want to enter more than one piece.

To help with the organization of these submissions, please title your work in this format if possible:: "YourName_TitleofWork"

If your files are larger than 10MB they can be included as a Dropbox link in the "Artist Bio" section of the form.

Also:: You will maintain all rights to your work, by submitting your work through this form it is simply giving me permission to display it in the virtual art gallery. Any questions or concerns should be directed to MKEVirtualGallery@gmail.com

A note about other mediums such as sculptures:: I am currently limited to 2D work and music, *unless* you have access to someone who can recreate your work in 3D files such as .obj or .fbx ~ if you are able to provide this then let's talk!

Thank you for being a part of this experimental project!

Call for artists:: the Milwaukee Virtual Gallery